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Criminal Defense

When you are facing criminal charges, it is imperative that you immediately retain the services of an aggressive Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney. At Bartolone Legal Group, the firm's founder is a former Assistant Public Defender, having served in the Misdemeanor, Felony, Drug Court and Repeat-Offender Court Divisions of the 17th Judicial Circuit in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This insight into the criminal justice process allows him to craft an aggressive defense strategy to challenge the Government's case at every turn. Contact Aldo Bartolone for a FREE initial consultation.

As the punishments imposed by the court can be very extensive, you deserve the opportunity to fight back, as is your right under the Constitution. You have the right to an attorney – but the one you select can be the most important decision you will ever make. Aldo Bartolone only takes on cases to which he can fully dedicate his time, knowledge and expertise. This means that you can be confident that he will fight for every and any possible advantage in your case. The first step is to contact Bartolone Legal Group for your free consultation.

Areas of Practice

Drug Offenses

In the State of Florida, there are a large number of state and federal task forces engaged in identifying those that are involved in the illegal drug trade at any level. If you are facing charges for possession, possession with intent to sell, trafficking or any other serious drug related crime, you could be facing very severe penalties if convicted.

Probation Violations

When probation is part of a sentence, the Judge and the State expect you to adhere to every detail of the probation's terms. If you fail to pay a fine on time, arrive late to a meeting with a probation officer, fail to complete mandated treatment programs, or are arrested for another criminal offense, you could be immediately taken into custody and face serious prison time.


One of the most common charges filed is DUI. The charges can be misdemeanor when there has been no accident, injury or other complication, and you have no prior conviction. Even in misdemeanor charges, however, the penalties can include jail time, heavy fines, a suspended license, community service and mandated treatment programs.

Theft Crimes

Whether you are facing federal or state charges of shoplifting, petty theft, grand theft, burglary, robbery, grand theft auto, identity theft or another theft crime, the outcome of your case is extremely important both to your freedom and to your future ability to get quality employment.

Violent Crimes

Are you accused of committing a violent crime? State lawmakers have passed laws that carry very stiff penalties for Defendant's charged with assault & battery, domestic violence, and violent crimes (i.e., crimes where a defendant has inflicted physical harm on another both with and without the use of a weapons and/or firearms).

Sex Crimes

A criminal accusation involving a sex crime can have a significantly negative impact on your personal and professional reputation – even when the charges are completely unfounded. Whether you are charged with sexual assault, internet pornography, or other sexual offense, it is absolutely critical that such a charge is handled with skill, discretion and the highest level of legal representation.

Firearms Offenses

Both State and Federal laws are very harsh with regard to weapons and firearm charges. In an attempt to reduce the high number of violent crimes involving guns and other weapons, the penalties have been greatly increased.

White Collar Crimes

There is a wide range of cases that are called white collar crimes. Such white collar crimes include, but are not limted to: money laundering credit card fraud, mortgage fraud, medicare fraud, insurance fraud, and ID fraud. If you are the subject of a state or federal criminal investigation or if you have been charged with any type of fraud, money laundering, embezzlement, accounting crime or white collar offense, whether in either state or federal court, you need immediate and effective legal counsel.

Internet & Computer Offenses – Cyber Crimes

Those who are facing charges involving computer or internet crimes (a.k.a. cyber crimes) can face some very difficult obstacles in court. You need to ensure that you are represented by a criminal defense lawyer with access to the most respected and knowledgeable forensic computer experts.

Criminal Investigations

The process involved in a criminal investigation can become a serious problem for both innocent and guilty people. If it is determined that you are a potential suspect in a criminal investigation, the pressure brought to bear upon you can be extreme. Moreover, if you are under investigation in a criminal case, it is quite likely you that will be arrested within a short period of time. So time is limited to get your "ducks in order", so to speak. It is imperative that your rights are protected and that a successful defense strategy is implemented immediately upon learning that you are the subject of a criminal investigation. Do not wait until you have been arrested to contact the Bartolone Legal Group.

Federal Offenses

Charges filed in federal court are of great concern. Note only does the federal criminal justice system has very stiff penalties, and not only is the Federal court system much more formal, but the Federal Prosecutors (Assistant United States Attorney) do not have the same discovery obligations as state Prosecutors. Put another way, the federal process moves more quickly than the State's, the penalties are often more severe, and the Defendant in Federal court is not entitled to know as much about the evidence against him/her as he/she would in state court. Therefore, not all law firms are capable of properly defending criminal cases in federal court, or have the experience to present a compelling defense case in this tough venue.

Sentencing Hearings & Sentencing Reductions

After a conviction on a criminal charge, a sentence will be imposed upon the convicted person. A sentencing hearing must be carefully managed, and if you or your loved one is facing such a hearing, it is vital that you have high quality legal representation to fight for you or your loved one's best interests. Attorney Aldo Bartolone has done countless sentencing hearings. Use his experience and skill to your advantage.

Environmental Crimes

Criminal charges involving environmental issues are extremely dangerous for any individual or commercial enterprise. Matters such as pollution, chemical spills, toxic exposure, dumping, improper storage, run-off, and the like, must be defended by a highly qualified criminal lawyer.

Professional License Violations

Whether you hold a professional license as a doctor, nurse, attorney, accountant, architect, judge, police officer, insurance broker, stock broker, real estate agent, or other professional, a charge that you have violated the ethical or professional guidelines can lead to a suspended or revoked license and other serious problems.


A criminal record that reflects past arrests, even if you were found not guilty or the charges were dropped, can nonetheless still cause you hardship in obtaining employment. Getting your record expunged is a good way to make sure that you are not passed over for a job.

Contact an Orlando criminal lawyer from the Bartolone Legal Group for the aggressive defense you need to fight back, both in and out of court.





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